Why Sports?

Because it changes everything.

Youth athletes are 1/10th as likely to be obese.

The rate of childhood and adolescent obesity has nearly tripled since the 1970s causing many different serious health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, and asthma.

Youth athletes are 15% more likely to go to college.

College is becoming more important in a very competitive technological society. Plus, college graduates still report higher earnings over their non-degree counterparts.

Youth athletes score 40% higher on tests.

Youth who participate in an active lifestyle score up to 40% higher on important tests in school, leading to more scholastic success and higher chances of getting into a better college.

Youth athletes make better choices.

Youth actively involved in sports reported lower rates of smoking, drug use, pregnancy, and risky sex. By simply playing a sport they love, youth are avoiding choices that can lead to troubling future.

Youth athletes get to know Jesus.

We believe Jesus is really awesome and that having a personal relationship with Him can transform a young person’s life. We have found that through sports, we can teach what it is like to trust God and serve on Team Jesus!