I hear it all the time. “I’m a good person, that’s all that matters, right?” It’s a phrase often spoken after explaining that I’m a Christian and that I have a certain worldview. However, I’ve always thought to myself, is good behavior all God’s after in humanity?

Many of us have grown up around faith. Maybe it’s going to church with your family or attending Easter and Christmas services every year. For many in Southern America, faith is a part of our life. And in my interactions with other people in my community, one common theme sticks out. “Be a good person and do good to others.”

But here’s the problem: being good is not enough in the eye’s of God. But before we unwrap that, let’s look at what simply being good is:

It’s An Excuse

Don’t misunderstand me, I believe in doing good to other people. In fact, Jesus loved to minister to people through good works. However, isn’t it interesting that after someone says that they are a “good person” they often reply with “isn’t that enough” or “that’s all I need to worry about, right?” As human beings, it seems like we are all about helping other people, but don’t really care why we are doing it. It becomes an excuse we tell people when we feel threatened with the fact we might not actually be helping people for Jesus. Like we’re stranded in a never-ending cycle of self-fulfillment.

It Doesn’t Inspire Spiritual Change

Although many Christians would like to admit otherwise, having a relationship with Jesus is an active process. It involves change. How are we to become “perfect” (Matt. 5:48) if we keep messing up all the time. Only by the work Jesus does in us everyday. This is why simply being content with living a “good” life can get you into trouble. It doesn’t promote the life-changing spiritual improvement that Grace does. Instead of “what is God going to change in my today”, we think, “I’m already a good person, I don’t have to worry about changing”. If we are honest to ourselves, we would be willing to go beyond simply being a good person and discovering the power of Jesus in our lives.

So, the next time to catch yourself thinking being a good person is enough. Remember that Jesus taught us all to strive after his character of peace, hope and Love. Discover what Jesus can do through you today!