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Are you yearning to know what God is really like? Do you desire to experience the radiant love of Jesus!? Are you tired of bland; fake Christians that always seem to have ulterior motives? Radiant Radio is for you: a free 24/7 internet radio station devoted to exploring who Jesus is and why He matters.

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What happens after you die? Can we trust the Bible? Can dead people talk? What does the Bible say about creation? Do you have questions!? Have you wondered what the big deal about God really is? Send us your Bible questions!

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Truth is found in the Word of God–the Bible. We’ll help you study the Bible with our creative Bible study courses. Prefer a more personal approach? Request a free, one-on-one interactive Bible study over video chat or phone call from one of our qualified Bible instructors.

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We believe that finding a local community of Jesus believers is an important step in a relationship with God. Use our free tool online or give us a call and we will get you in contact with a local meeting group or church.