After high school, 70% of teens drop out of church.

For the┬ápast 40 years, a mass exodus of young people from Christian churches has got Church Leaders thinking–“whats going on?”┬áStudies show that young people are becoming less and less interested in Church, but why is this?

So what about teens that stay?

If we want to examine why young people leave the Church, we sound look at why those who stay involved–hang around. A study from LifeWay found that 65% of young people stay involved with Church because it “was a vital part of my relationship with God”.

We point teens to a relationship with Jesus.

Teens are smart human beings. They don’t take adults word for granted and test everything they learn. When it comes to faith, they are no different. Teens want a real and authentic relationship with a God willing to make a difference in their life everyday.

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