With much anticipation, we are proud to announce our improved Workshop program. Formulated to teach the latest podcast production techniques to youth and teens, the curriculum combines hands-on experiences and direct instruction. The program, designed for young people interested in finding a way to share their faith, is perfect for a media-centric generation.

The workshop is split into two segments: basic theory and production practice. Student’s first learn about the media industry and how media play’s a critical part in society. Next, student’s examine how media has impacted the religious sphere. Student’s then dive in to learn the specifics of how podcasting works and what makes it one of the most popular forms of media consumption today. Additional topics include basic audio theory, analog vs. digital recording, and post production workflows. Lastly, student’s are involved in producing a short podcast episode before the workshop is concluded.

TeensTARGETED is offering this workshop program to churches, youth groups, schools, and corporate groups now. Interested individual’s should contact TeensTARGETED by phone or email to express interest. Pricing is affordable and designed to support the continued growth of the program.